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Hey all! I’m about to post pictures of baby Matty. I’m password protecting that post so if you wanna see some crazy cuteness email me for the password at
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!!!

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Things never quite go as planned

So as you all already know, Cristine was admitted into labor and delivery on Tuesday November 20th. While at the hospital we were getting daily ultrasounds and at least 3 hours of monitoring the babys heart rate per day,to make sure he didn’t go into stress. Everything looked good, his heart rate never dropped and he was very active during every ultrasound.

On Wednesday December 5th we had a follow up ultrasound(growth scan)…this is when everything changed. Here we were again, in this very room where we received all our bad news, crying again. The baby’s dopplers had gotten worse and he was struggling too much to try to get the blood he required to stay healthy and grow. He doctor said the words we were dreading the most, “we’re going to have to deliver you. Go back to labor and delivery and I’ll call up there to let them know.” We were scared out of our freakin minds! Yes Cristine and baby were able to hold out 2 more weeks since our last growth scan when Cristine was admitted and yes 2 weeks makes a huge difference, but Cristine was still only 29 weeks pregnant! We cried, called our families and mentally prepared ourselves for what was about to happen.

The next morning, on December 6th at 11:11am our baby Cristian Mateo was born. Weighing 2.2 pounds and measuring 13.4 inches. He’s not 100% healthy but overall strong and very willing to fight! Cristine had to have a C-section because a vaginal delivery would have been too much for Matty to handle. His lungs weren’t quite developed yet so he’s getting help from a respirator and is currently in an incubator. We’ve had a couple of bad days but the last 2 days have been going pretty well. He’s stable and slowly being weened off some of the medication he was on. His vital signs are all pretty normal now after having to receive a blood transfusion (low red blood cell count). His doctor is amazing and we trust that she’s making all the right decisions for him to continue his development.

Today we came home from the hospital, just Cristine and I, no baby. He’ll be in the NICU for about 6 weeks, more or less depending on his progress. We’re sad he can’t be here with us right now but we know he’s in good hands and we live close enough that we can visit him multiple times a day.

Oh and did I mention he’s absolutely the cutest thing ever! He has Cristines lips and her toes. He has a dimple on his chin just like Cristines brother,Marcos. And he’s got the cutest little nose and hands I’ve ever seen! We’re SO SO SO in love with him, we just stare at him for hours and giggle every time he makes any little movement.

Everyone please send baby Matty positive vibes. He’ll need them get healthy for us.

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Hi, what’s your name?


We are having one helluva time deciding on a name for our little boy. Since the beginning Cris kept saying that she thought we were having a girl so we were set with a girl name, nursery theme, Halloween costume (haha) for next year and all. Then, surprise, it’s a boy!

We had originally decided on Julian Aleczander. Now we’re thinking Gabriel Mateo. Problem is our families are making us second guess ourselves. Cristines dad and brother hated Julian and now my whole family hates Mateo. Ugh! I know it’s up to us to decide but I don’t want our families to hate the names we pick. This is hard. Our son will have to live with this decision for the rest of his life. Just like the contestant on the X factor a few weeks back. Her name was Panda, her mom was in jail when she gave birth to her. She was black and her bunk mate was white so they creatively (NOT) came up with Panda for that poor girl. She now has to live with that crappy name forever. I’m sure we’ll decide on something a tad better than Panda but still such a hard decision!

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It’s a…..


We did it! We were actually able to wait an entire week to find out the sex of the baby. The envelope with the answer sat in our house for 7 whole days and we had enough self control (barely) to not rip that darn thing open!
Saturday we had our Gender Reveal dinner with our families. It went way better than I could of ever imagined. Everyone was so excited and just as eager as us to find out the sex of the baby. When we cut the cake and the color inside was revealed everyone was cheering and clapping and taking pictures as if we were celebrities on the red carpet. So cool! I’m sure your thinking “tell us what it is already!!!!” Here it goes…we are having a …drumroll please….BOY!
Here’s some pictures from that night 🙂





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Throwback Thursday


Right after I published my last post I realized that we sound like whiney, depressing people. We really are lots of fun, I swear! Haha. Well thought I would share a throwback picture to lighten the mood a bit. This is us at 16, when we first got together in high school. Enjoy! (it’s ok to


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Scared Pt.2


We received some bad news yesterday. Cristine got an email from the fertility clinic saying that the 2 other fertilized embryos that weren’t used this cycle did not meet the criteria to be frozen. In other words this is our one and only attempt at this. No more embryos to fall back on, this is it. Thankfully this first cycle worked and we’re pregnant but it’s scary to think how much can still go wrong.

I can’t wait for the moment when we can feel a bit more confident about this pregnancy. Seems we’re just constantly worried and scared about every little thing that could maybe go wrong. I wish we could let go of all the negativity and just simply be optimistic but we’ve been through so much heartbreak that we’re being cautious with our feelings.

Right now we’re not allowing ourselves the chance to be excited and to fully enjoy this moment, which sucks. I wish I could kiss Cristines tummy and talk to our tiny little baby. I wish I could go out NOW and buy a crib and anything baby related. I wish I could tell my friends and family that we’re pregnant and celebrate. I haven’t been able to do any of those things because Im scared of letting myself get attached to the baby only to possibly be let down. (Not that I’m not already attached because I am but..I dont know…more attached, I guess. ) And I’m scared that my actions will also make Cristine love this baby more than I know she already does so i hold back A LOT. It’s like if we act normal like nothing has changed and something does go wrong then it somehow will be less painful.

On Tuesday, when Cristine told me she saw blood on the toilet paper, I felt my heart sink and I had an instant knot in my throat. The thought of anything going wrong kills me. So far there hasn’t been any more blood (I know because I find myself asking Cristine after every single bathroom use) so we feel better than we did on Tuesday.

Maybe once we hear the heartbeat we’ll feel more at ease and maybe then we can start allowing ourselves to believe that this is actually happening for us. That in a little less than 8 months we’ll be mommies to a healthy baby boy or girl.

Hold on tight baby J, your mommies are eagerly waiting for you. Just 35 more weeks baby, u can do it!

July 2nd is our first sonogram…11 more days.

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Tis that time


Cristine is currently in the OR getting our little follicles extracted. Poor thing was really scared/nervous. When they took her vitals the RN said “you’re really excited to be here! Your pulse is at 123!” haha. My poor wife. I’m sitting in the waiting room where I’ll be for the next hour or so until they call me back in to sit with her during the recovery period. Just hoping it all goes well.

For the rest of the day she’ll pretty much be on bed rest and I’ll be home catering to her 🙂 We will receive a call tomorrow updating us on the number of eggs that were successfully fertilized. Then the big day will either be saturday the 2nd or Monday the 4th. Eeeek! Just days away! I can’t believe this is all finally happening!

On a side note: I would just like to say how extremely proud I am of Cristine. She’s had to endure so much through this whole process and she’s taken everything on like a champ.

Everyone wish her luck! She loves seeing your comments on here.

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Constant reminders


Geez, last time I wrote a post was on Feb 17th. Oops,sorry! This blog is becoming more just Cristines’ than ours. Anyway, sorry to interrupt the 30 day challenge. I’ll say a few things and get the heck outta the way so you all can continue enjoying the silly questions my wife will be answering for the next 27 days. Lucky you! 🙂

Through this whole process I feel I’ve been the more level headed one. The one saying “a 4 month down period isn’t too bad” or “it’s ok we’re still young, we’ll keep trying” etc, etc… Well now I’ve gotten to the point that I’m anxious to have this all happen already! I think what has made my desire more urgent is the fact that now we have babies at our house all the time. Cristine opened her daycare up a couple of months ago and she now has 2 infant girls to care after.

At first I thought that maybe having babies around would help with the baby itch we had, but it’s making it worse. Yesterday I went into the bin of clean clothes that had been folded but not yet put away to grab a pair of socks and instead of socks I pulled out a teeny tiny bib. Then, I go to wash the dishes and what’s in the sink? 2 baby bottles. I go into our office for something and there’s two portable baby cribs in there with cute little blankets in them. Ahhhh!!!! It’s making me wish the bib, bottles and cribs belonged to our own little munchkins. Its so hard to see the baby stuff all in our house knowing that we still haven’t been lucky enough to be blessed with our own.

The little girls are so adorable though and as painful of a reminder that having the baby stuff around is, the girls bring a little more joy into our lives. I love holding them when Cris needs to use the bathroom or needs to go make their bottles. They are too cute!

Also, seeing Cristine with these girls has proven to me even more how amazing of a mother Cristine will be one day. She’s great with them, she has so much patience and knows exactly what to do in any situation. Me on the other hand, if one of them cries the first thing I think is “uh-oh cris better pee fast and get back in here.” lol, I need some practice but I know I’ll be on track once it’s our kids I’ll be tending to.

Just about 6 more weeks and we’ll be on our way again. Getting another chance at becoming moms. Come on IVF, we’re counting on you!

You regular 30 day challenge programming will now continue… 🙂