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At Last

Matty is finally home with us!!!

He came home Friday, March 1, which also happens to be Claud’s birthday. Best present ever!

We are quickly getting the hang of things. Matty is such a good baby though so he doesn’t make it really hard. He cries when hungry or has a dirty diaper basically. He doesn’t mind noise since he’s so used to having nurses and doctors around him all the time. And his schedule has been the same for 3 months now so no guessing or trial and error on our parts.

Sleep has been ok. We are terrified of all three of us sleeping at the same time so I go to sleep for about 6 hours at night and Claud stays with Matty. She’ll then wake me up to take over for the next 6 hours and once she’s awake we are all together for the day.

He has a health home nurse coming to check up on him today and his one week pediatrician appointment on the 8th.

Just wanted to give a quick update. More later!