Due Date


The anticipated day that all moms to be look forward to with fear, anxiety, nervousness, impatience and happiness.

I don’t know why this day meant so much to me. Just a day. Probably a day that Matty wouldn’t have even been born on. But yet it’s so much more. It’s one of the first things that tied us to Matty and our pregnancy. It made it real. We had a day to countdown too. A day to look forward too. A day that would finally bring us what we’ve been waiting for.

It seemed so far away then. Back in July when we finally got our positive. It seemed far away in December when Matty entered the world. And now it’s here. Just like that.

Matty is now 11 weeks old but adjusted age only ONE day old. Crazy!!

I thought I would be sad today but instead I’m grateful. I get to stare at my handsome son as he gives me his huge, gummy smile and all is right in our little world.


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