One Year

That’s how long it’s been since we started this blog.

A couple of days ago, I got bored and decided to go back to re-read all of the posts we’ve put up. They were kind of depressing and a weird walk down memory lane. It all seems so far away yet not.

It’s only been a year and everything is so different. Im in a place I hoped I would be in but never could imagine it happening. I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that I’m now five months pregnant.

We started this blog to share our experiences and hopefully help other couples in our same situation. I never really thought about it as a diary but that’s what it became and I’m so glad we have it to look back on.

But most importantly, I want to thank everyone that has followed this past year. You will never know how much your support and encouragement really helped us through. Thank you ALL!!


Anxious, Emotional & Grateful


Now that we know we have a little boy on the way I am more anxious than ever to meet him. The first half of the pregnancy it was easy to take it day by day and day dream. But now, NOW we can actually make plans for this little boy that we have been waiting two years for. I want to hold him, kiss him and just stare at all his perfections!

I’ll be the first one to admit I had wanted a girl but ever since finding out this baby is in fact a boy, I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve always been a crier. I’m sensitive. I can cry pretty damn easily.

But holy moly!!

This is on a whole new level and it’s kind of embarrassing. Two of my favorite shows are Sons of Anarchy and Grey’s Anatomy. They decided to kill off two of my favorite characters in the same week and the water works were non stop. I mean sobbing, ugly, gut wrenching tears!

Ugh, anyways. Rip Dr. McSteamy and Opie. :*(

With all these emotions I’ve been feeling lately the main one is gratefulness. For my wife.

IVF was never in our plans. Continuing with me trying to get pregnant was never in our plans. The plan was for me to try one year and then move on to Claudia.

She knew how much I wanted this. Knew how depressed I was over everything. Through it all she never gave up on me even when I thought it was hopeless. She didn’t push me out of the way so she could take over. Even if it meant it could have saved us thousands of dollars, time and grief. She was the one that kept it together when I was falling apart even though her suffering was just as great as mine.

I was the one going through all procedures, taking all the pills and using my body as a pin cushion. That’s what everyone else sees when they look at us. But she was the silent anchor, the fighter pushing us both through and the life preserver I was holding onto with all my might. I look back and think how the hell did I get through it all. The answer is simple…Claudia. She doesn’t get enough credit from me and everyone else that knows our story.

I will be forever grateful to her as the years pass us by and we get to raise the baby boy we made together, not in the “traditional” way of course but in all the other ways that matter.

And being the emotional mess that I’ve been, this post wouldn’t be complete without me crying. Lol. Tears of gratitude, happiness and completeness. Finally!

On a completely different note, post season baseball is here!! Woohoo.
Go Giants!!!

Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

Close up of our pride and joy.

Hi, what’s your name?


We are having one helluva time deciding on a name for our little boy. Since the beginning Cris kept saying that she thought we were having a girl so we were set with a girl name, nursery theme, Halloween costume (haha) for next year and all. Then, surprise, it’s a boy!

We had originally decided on Julian Aleczander. Now we’re thinking Gabriel Mateo. Problem is our families are making us second guess ourselves. Cristines dad and brother hated Julian and now my whole family hates Mateo. Ugh! I know it’s up to us to decide but I don’t want our families to hate the names we pick. This is hard. Our son will have to live with this decision for the rest of his life. Just like the contestant on the X factor a few weeks back. Her name was Panda, her mom was in jail when she gave birth to her. She was black and her bunk mate was white so they creatively (NOT) came up with Panda for that poor girl. She now has to live with that crappy name forever. I’m sure we’ll decide on something a tad better than Panda but still such a hard decision!

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It’s a…..


We did it! We were actually able to wait an entire week to find out the sex of the baby. The envelope with the answer sat in our house for 7 whole days and we had enough self control (barely) to not rip that darn thing open!
Saturday we had our Gender Reveal dinner with our families. It went way better than I could of ever imagined. Everyone was so excited and just as eager as us to find out the sex of the baby. When we cut the cake and the color inside was revealed everyone was cheering and clapping and taking pictures as if we were celebrities on the red carpet. So cool! I’m sure your thinking “tell us what it is already!!!!” Here it goes…we are having a …drumroll please….BOY!
Here’s some pictures from that night 🙂





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