Catch Up


Where were we???

Our last update was about hearing the baby’s heartbeat. We’ve had two more ultrasounds since then. The first one was with our OBGYN that we had never met before. We hated him! He was rude and didn’t even acknowledge Claudia or my mother in law that we invited to come with us. I also had a pap smear that day and I have never experienced such pain as he inserted the speculum. He barely let Claudia look at our baby on the screen before he turned it away from her. And once the exam was over he told me to meet him in his office but had Claudia stay in the waiting room. I don’t know if he is always so unfriendly or isn’t used to working with a lesbian couple but either way he was an asshole! My lab results from that day also showed I’m anemic and he didn’t bother calling me to pass along that information. He sent me an email. So needless to say, he’s been replaced. Our next appointment with our new OB is on August 28th so I hope we have a better experience with her.

The last ultrasound we had was on Friday to check for Down Syndrome. Everything looked good. Baby is healthy! 🙂

Claudia and I are both doing good! Just been working and still in disbelief even though it’s going to be two months since we found out. We are looking forward to finding out the gender so we can start getting the nursery together. We already bought the crib and dresser but don’t want to put it together until we know what theme we will be using.

I haven’t had any serious symptoms. Still tired all the time so I try to fit in naps whenever I can. I haven’t had any morning sickness and I’ll soon be in the second trimester so I think I’ll be ok. Just when I get hungry I need to eat pretty much right away because I start feeling sick. I’ve only gained about one pound but I feel bigger. No noticeable baby belly yet, I just look thicker around the middle and I hate picking out clothes in the morning because I hate how everything looks.

We also have an early babymoon coming up. We had put extra money aside in case the fresh cycle of IVF didn’t worked and we had to do FET. But if the IVF did work then we would use that money for a well deserved vacation. So we are taking a cruise to the Bahamas!! I can’t wait to get away. We set sail on September 5th so please let the next few weeks go by quickly.

I think that pretty much catches you all up with what we’ve been up to. Not very exciting. On Wednesday, we’ll be taking a belly shot so I’ll post that up with the other two we have. I’m hoping to see a little bit of a difference this time.

Until next time…


We Are Still Here!!


So…I’m a horrible blogger. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I apologize.

After we got our BFP, I wasn’t sure if our readers would still be interested in our story. When we were TTC, it was hard to read about other couples getting pregnant. I was happy for them of course but still made our reality even sadder. Then it happened to us and I didn’t know what to do with our blog. I didn’t want to be the cause of sadness to other couples that I have grown to admire and bond with.

Claudia knew my reasons for not updating the blog and the other day she told me that I should keep at it. That it makes it look like I no longer care about this community that gave us so much support and encouragement over the months. I never thought about it like that and I realized it does look bad on my part. That was never my intention.

I still follow everyone’s story and I’m still rooting for all of you. Whether it be the weight lose challenge, IVF cycles, natural/medicated cycles, miscarriages or already pregnant. I never abandoned this amazing community.

And truth of the matter, this blog was never intended just for trying to get pregnant. I meant for it to be a diary for the next years to come. From TTC, actually being pregnant and finally having the baby we wished for for so long.

So I hope our readers stay with us and continue to support us along this new path of our journey. I will be updating more frequently. Promise!

I will write a more detailed post tomorrow about what’s been happening with us since our last post almost a month ago. :/ But until then, just wanted you all to know that all three of us are doing great. I am now twelve weeks!!! 🙂