We got the beat!


Sorry for the 80’s song reference in the title, it was the most creative thing I could think of. Haha.

Anyway, we were asked to give an updated (Kathryn) so here I go! On Monday, July 16th we had our our 2nd sonogram appointment in hopes of hearing a heartbeat.

That morning I got off work at 7am, picked up Cristine’s mom, then picked Cristine up at our home and went to breakfast at ihop. We ate a yummy meal while talking baby stuff. Then off to the clinic we went! On our way there Cristine and I were nervous wrecks. We knew that up until that point everything had gone great, but we also knew all the things that could potentially go wrong.
We got called in as soon as we arrived which was nice because we all know how much we hate waiting. Cristine and I awkwardly figured out a way to get her undressed from the waist down without flashing her mom and a few moments later our doctor walked in. After introducing grandma-to-be to our wonderful doctor, we were all ready to get down to business.
As soon as we saw the baby on the screen we were in awe. Our little blob from 2 weeks ago actually looked like a baby now. It had grown so much in that short amount of time,it was incredible. The baby even decided to show off and wiggled around for us a bit. Then the moment we’ve been waiting for happened….thump thump thump…our baby’s heartbeat! It sounded strong and the doctor said everything is going perfect! *Sigh* It was such a relief, finally we could breath easy. The doctor sent us off with a picture of our little one and even gave grandma-to-be a copy of her own. It was by far THE most amazing thing we’ve ever experienced and I’m glad my mother in law was there to experience it with us.



9 comments on “We got the beat!

  1. So amazing! And wonderful that granny-to-be was there with you! Ive been in with a friend and seeing it from the “other side” is still as wonderful and awe inspiring as if it were my own.

  2. I love the 80s reference!! Congratulations!!! I officially got caught up on your blog and my heart is warm seeing this beautiful picture!

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