Menopur found a home.


We received a few responses for the Menopur so they are no longer available. That lucky first person who emailed us will receive an e-mail response shortly with the good news! 🙂 I wish I had enough to give to everyone 😦 Best of luck to you all, we’re rooting for you!


We got the beat!


Sorry for the 80’s song reference in the title, it was the most creative thing I could think of. Haha.

Anyway, we were asked to give an updated (Kathryn) so here I go! On Monday, July 16th we had our our 2nd sonogram appointment in hopes of hearing a heartbeat.

That morning I got off work at 7am, picked up Cristine’s mom, then picked Cristine up at our home and went to breakfast at ihop. We ate a yummy meal while talking baby stuff. Then off to the clinic we went! On our way there Cristine and I were nervous wrecks. We knew that up until that point everything had gone great, but we also knew all the things that could potentially go wrong.
We got called in as soon as we arrived which was nice because we all know how much we hate waiting. Cristine and I awkwardly figured out a way to get her undressed from the waist down without flashing her mom and a few moments later our doctor walked in. After introducing grandma-to-be to our wonderful doctor, we were all ready to get down to business.
As soon as we saw the baby on the screen we were in awe. Our little blob from 2 weeks ago actually looked like a baby now. It had grown so much in that short amount of time,it was incredible. The baby even decided to show off and wiggled around for us a bit. Then the moment we’ve been waiting for happened….thump thump thump…our baby’s heartbeat! It sounded strong and the doctor said everything is going perfect! *Sigh* It was such a relief, finally we could breath easy. The doctor sent us off with a picture of our little one and even gave grandma-to-be a copy of her own. It was by far THE most amazing thing we’ve ever experienced and I’m glad my mother in law was there to experience it with us.




Cristine and I have 2 boxes of Menopur left from our IVF cycle. They’re just sitting in our fridge taking up room. Our IVF clinic was kind enough to give us a few boxes of medication during our cycle to help with the cost of everything so we thought we would pay it forward. I know some of you might be in need of this pricey medication so if you’re truly in need of it shoot me an e-mail telling me a bit about your story and we’ll set up the delivery! Just to be clear, we’re giving these boxes away free of charge. To be fair, they will go to the first person to email me. Here’s my email

The Cat is out of the Bag


The original plan was to keep the pregnancy a secret until August, when we are closer to the second trimester.

Well that didn’t work. We made it to about three weeks. We are horrible at keeping secrets. Obviously!

We didn’t want to just say “we’re pregnant” so we decided to make cards with our first ultrasound picture with the words ‘surprise’ and our due date.

First we went to tell Claud’s family on Saturday. We got there and we felt rushed to tell them. Her parents were getting ready to leave to the airport for Mexico. So after about ten minutes of stalling and nervousness we hand out the cards and tell them to open them at the same time. Everyone was really happy (with the exception of her dad, he just walked out) and gave us hugs.

Next we went to my parents house. We were also there to celebrate my brothers 25th bday. Well my brothers ended up ruining our plan by getting super drunk and passing out by 7:30. Lol. So we decided to leave for the night and come back on Sunday morning. Finally everyone was present and sober so I handed out the cards. My parents were shocked but really excited. My mom kept saying “finally” she’s been bugging for a grand kid. Again a round of congratulations and hugs.

So now all the important people know. It’s such a relief not to have to carry around this big secret anymore. And it also makes this all feel a little bit more real.

On Wednesday I’ll be 8 weeks! And next Monday we go to our second ultrasound to hear our little peas heartbeat! 🙂 Can’t wait.

Oh, here is a picture of our cards. We wanted to wait so the baby looked more like a baby but well we have no patience. So here is our beautiful, little blob. 🙂


Move Over Sadness…


…Because happiness is here to stay! Slowly letting go of the sad memories and letting this new adventure in our lives take over.

However, I can’t help but think about where we were two years ago. Its such a 360• turn that makes me so over the moon to finally be here in this place now.

July 3, 2010, Claudia and I were in the ER ending my first pregnancy. Now exactly two years later and I can’t stop smiling and just being ridiculously happy because yesterday we got to see our little pea for the first time! It was the most amazing thing ever and I was in complete awe of this little being that is all ours.

Two years ago, we were at the worst place we have been. Our world was crumbling around us and it took awhile to pick up the pieces. I wish it hadn’t happened at all but through that our marriage and friendship just continued to grow stronger as we leaned on each other for support. It took us a whole two years to get pregnant again but I know because of what we have been through we will love, cherish, adore and be forever grateful for this baby that will soon enter our lives.

So like I said yesterday was our first ultrasound. My doctor said the baby is growing perfectly and our official due date is February 20! 😉 We unfortunately couldn’t hear the heartbeat yet but we were able to see it flickering fast on the screen. We go back on July 16 to hear it. I can’t wait. So again we enter a two week wait. :/ But now that we were able to actually see our baby and see everything is going well I think I can enter these next two weeks a lot more relaxed. I felt instant relief when I saw that little heart pumping away!

So grow baby, grow!!!

Tomorrow I’ll be 7 weeks!!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July! (even though it’s on a Wednesday)